How To Take Clinical Notes Using DA(R)P


This is the third post in a series that highlights standardized formats for your clinical notes.  The series began here.

Writing Scathing Notes by JasonRogersFooDogGiraffeBee

"Writing Scathing Notes" by JasonRogersFooDogGiraffeBee

A second format for documenting your clinical work is called DA(R)P notes, sometimes referred to as DAP notes.  These are similar to clinical SOAP notes. 

DA(R)P is a mnemonic that stands for Data, Assessment (and Response), and Plan.

Data, in this format, includes both subective and objective data about the client as well as the therapist’s observations and all content and process notes from the session.

The Assessment and Response includes your clinical impressions, hunches, hypotheses, and rationale for your professional judgment. Progress is also noted here.

Plan refers to your original treatment plan and any response / revisions needed based on your most recent interactions with your client.

This method of clinical note taking is also an acceptable format for your documentation.

Tomorrow I’ll talk to you about BASIC SID notes.

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  1. thanks so much for the suggestion on DARP notes! I have had difficulty over the last couple of years with SOAP notes – and think that the Response portion of DARP is what I was missing. The Response sections allows me to note suggestions and feedback I may have offered to the client.

    I do appreciate your helpful suggestions,

  2. Hi Tamara,
    Thanks so much for the wide range of helpful information.

    I am trying to find a better, cleaner way of keeping my progress notes so this series is a good start. I am very curious however by the differentiation you make between clinical note taking and documentation. (“This method of clinical note taking is also an acceptable format for your documentation.”) Am I just forgetting something here?

    Thanks for the clarification!

    • Hahaha! Katharyn, I don’t think you are forgetting anything. I just meant that there are lots of ways to take clinical notes and, as part of your clinical documentation, you may wish to consider this format:).

  3. Hi Tamara
    I am a student at GCU, and I have never seen soap notes for behavioral health and am curious what they look like and the composition. Where would you recommend I go to see one?

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